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Monday Keynote

 location mmts May 16, 2016   date mmts 12:00 PM – 12:55 PM      


Skilled Workforce + Innovation = Export Development
MEQ’s Formula to Boost Quebec’s Economic Growth

Eric Tetrault, President, MEQ


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This presentation will be delivered in French.

Manufacturers lack skilled workers. Governments have been debating about what should be done to ensure manufacturers have access to a skilled workforce.

The following questions will be addressed:
mmts bullet Where are they at right now and what should be expected in the future?
mmts bullet How do they plan to tie their strategy to drive innovation in manufacturing and ensure export development?

Learn what tools you can access to develop your skilled workforce, innovate and increase your exports.

Eric Tetrault, President, MEQ

Eric Tetrault has been appointed as President of Quebec Manufacturers and Exporters on September 15th, 2014.

He was previously the Head of Public and Government affairs at ArcelorMittal Canada. Eric has previously gained experience as a political advisor, serving  many years in Ottawa and Quebec where he held the communication position for then Premier Jean Charest. He has also worked as a senior consultant for National public relations.

He is a member of the Board of the CEFRIO and the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde.

Tuesday Keynote

location mmts May 17, 2016   date mmts 12:00 PM – 12:55 PM      


From the Internet of Things to Virtual Reality: The Power of Exponential Technology in Manufacturing

Roch Champagne, Manager, Strategy and Operations/Supply Chain Management, Deloitte Inc.




This presentation will be delivered in French.

New technologies are modifying the way we work, manage and interact with other people. The manufacturing industry is not immune to these changes. New technologies not only provide new and productive ways to make and to assemble products but also how to plan, to maintain and to supply the production function.

Today, we only have a glimpse of what technology innovations and their exponential benefits will bring to the industry. Learn how understanding and integrating these new technologies can become a competitive edge in a world where your suppliers and clients are miles apart but yet only one click away.


Roch Champagne, Manager, Strategy and Operations/Supply Chain Management, Deloitte Inc.

Roch is a manager with Deloitte in the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations practice.   With over 15 years of experience in Operations, his main areas of expertise is manufacturing, planning and S&OP. He also consulted in Corporate Strategies and started his career as a manager in a distribution center for a top 500 company. He worked in the industry for many years before becoming a consultant.

As a consultant, Roch has helped clients implement Operations best practices, including inventory management, procurement, Lean, Daily Management Systems, effective organization and improved processes. He also has hands-on experience as a manager for small and medium firms implementing best practices for New Product Introduction (NPI), manufacturing processes, planning, inventory control, product engineering, program management and change control.

Mr. Champagne has Industry experience in military equipment, electronics, military ship buildings, heavy industrial and agricultural equipment, automotive, biomedical, software, telecommunication, food processing and Crop Protection and Seeds.

Mr. Champagne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, an MBA from McGill University and a Master’s in Management Sciences from University of Waterloo.

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