Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show | May 14 - 16, 2018 | Place Bonaventure | Montreal, QC

Shipping Information

Advance Shipping Information

Direct shipments will not be accepted at Place Bonaventure prior to Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

Exhibitors needing to ship their equipment BEFORE MAY 19 should contact the Official Show Transportation Company  –  The TWI Group Inc at (905) 812-1124.  Their services include pre-show warehousing to facilitate your shipment scheduling. These shipments should arrive one week prior to the move-in dates. All freight must be prepaid.

Advance Shipping Address/Labels



Direct Shipping Information

Direct shipments will be accepted at Place Bonaventure beginning Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

Direct Shipping Address/Labels


Courier Shipping Information

Direct shipments will be accepted at Place Bonaventure beginning Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

COURIER SHIPMENTS DURING SHOW HOURS can be sent to the Show Office but must include your company name and booth number to be properly routed to your booth. Show Management does not accept responsibility for any loss or misplaced shipments. Please note, C.O.D. shipments WILL NOT be accepted by show management.


Customs Regulations & Customs Bond

Equipment and exhibits for the show may be brought in free of duties and taxes on a temporary basis, but subject to a deposit equal to the duties and taxes normally levied on them.  The Official Customs Broker has made arrangements with Canada Customs for a bond to cover all importations on this show.

As there are specific customs regulations for exhibitors using their own trucks or methods of transportation other than common carrier, exhibitors should advise the broker well in advance of their expected arrivalExhibitors using their own customs broker will have to arrange their own bond or cash deposit with Canada Customs.

It is imperative that Canada Customs invoices be mailed at least two weeks prior to shipment of goods since Canada Customs will not permit entry of goods to the building without an invoice.


The Official Show Customs Broker (The TWI Group) will provide the following services:

• Post the required bonds and securities with Canada Customs
• Clear your materials through Canada Customs
• Co-ordinate delivery to the facility on the appropriate move-in days
• Provide on-site staff to advise and assist you from opening to closing of the show
• Prepare export documentation and bills of lading
• Co-ordinate outgoing transportation of exhibition materials
• Arrange customs clearance return for surface freight

Customs & Transportation Services Order Form

For the duration of the event, the exhibit premises are a bonded area.  Therefore, no display items may be removed from the show area without the knowledge and consent of the Official Show Customs Broker, Canada Customs, and Show Management.

Normal procedures at the close will require exhibitors to repack and label their own shipments.  Goods to be displayed at another show may be transferred in bond or held in bonded storage for a maximum of two years.


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