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Electrical Safety Code Requirements

A) If you wish to display, offer for sale, or use any electrical equipment which is not now certified/approved, a sign must be attached to the machine indicating it has not been approved for sale or rental as required by the regulations respecting electrical installations in Quebec, Article 6.

B) The Electrical Safety Code requires that all electrical equipment must be approved before it may sold, or otherwise disposed of or used in Canada. For more information about CSA International approval please contact the CSA Special Inspections Division at (514) 428-2414.

C) It is, therefore, the responsibility of each exhibitor to ensure that all electrical equipment in, on, or about his booth comply with these regulations. This includes electrical merchandise as well as lighting and display equipment.

 D) Electrical equipment for which approval is sought can be submitted to the CSA International. The approval of this Association is acceptable to all electrical inspection authorities in Canada.  You are referred to them for all details of procedure.

 E) One of the fundamental requirements for certification is that appropriate approval markings appear on each device. If such markings are missing, the device must be considered unapproved and, therefore, subject to special inspections.

 F) Failure to comply could result in the equipment being refused connection to the source of electrical supply, and may even be ordered removed from display.


CSA International

865 Ellingham Street

Pointe Claire, Québec

H9R 5E8

Contact: Special Inspections Division

Tel: (514) 428-2428    Fax: (514) 694-5001


All electrical hook-ups are the financial responsibility of the exhibitor.

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