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James Barlow, Onstream Pipeline Inspection Service Inc.

James Barlow, Chief Mechanical Engineer, Midstream Onstream Pipeline Inspection Service Inc.

James Barlow has been designing inline inspection tools for the pipeline industry for the past twenty years, for pipeline sizes from 6” to 52”. For the past two years he has been with Onstream Pipeline Inspection. He has seen the pipeline inspection industry grow and change since he entered the industry in 1998, with the pipeline operators demanding, and inspection companies always striving, to provide ever increasing data quality and a more complete picture about the health and integrity of the pipeline. More challenging pipelines, once considered “unpiggable” are now requiring inline inspection, which pushes the development of inline inspection technologies forward. One of his designs hold’s the record for the world’s hottest inline inspection of a pipeline. He managed the mechanical engineering team at Baker Hughes in New Product Development before recently joining Onstream Pipeline Inspection, a progressive pipeline inspection company interested in pursuing new and emerging technologies.